Simple to use, functional design fits anywhere in your freezer!

Making ice with Mighty Freeze
is as easy as 1-2-3:

Mighty Freeze Easy as 1

Just fill and slide
in the insert

Mighty Freeze Easy as 1

Fits anywhere there’s
room in your freezer

Mighty Freeze Easy as 1

Pop it and drop ice into
any size glass

Mighty Freeze

It’s the revolutionary new spill-proof way to make ice that’s easier than ever! Just fill it, slide the insert, then freeze. When you’re ready, pop it and drop into any size glass! Try that with your grandma’s ice tray! The secret is its functional design — Spring-loaded action allows ice to expand while its flexible bottom makes it easy to pop it and drop it. With its water tight seal, you’ll never spill a drop! Just pop it and drop it. It’s so easy, kids can do it!

Ancient ice trays take up way too much space but the compact design of the Mighty Freeze fits anywhere in your freezer — Flat, vertical, upside down, or just wedge them in! No spills, ever! And with its odor-locking design, ice stays fresh. It’s perfect for home or wherever. You can even use them to make popsicles and even more!

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Mighty Freeze
Mighty Freeze

Clever design is flexible,
spill-proof & keeps ice fresh!

Mighty Freeze

Easy and fun for everyone —
even kids can do it!

Mighty Freeze

It’s great for use at home
& anywhere you go!